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We created a platform where members can meet, tchat, and exchange services with each other, using a digital token called Octus.

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Octus is a platform that allows users to discover and participate in social and ecological actions, and earn coins to spend within a responsible community. A platform that enables citizens access an eco-responsible market by using Octus - our internal credits, to facilitate the exchange of services. They can win the Octus with their eco-responsible actions and their contribution to community development and access creative services that improve their lives.

Platform Design & Development
Website Design & Development
Beecoop Lab

Our approach to design here was simple, trying to make the users fall in love with the platform from their first experience, because like they say "first impressions lasts". So we tried to do a mix between usability, simplicity, and good UI. From the user experience side, we started by creating an interactive prototype representing the user flow from start to finish, the purpose from this was to collect feedback from our early adapters, as we sent them the prototype and observed their reactions using it, this helps us in identifying UX issues and be more empathetic with the users.


To give the user an exceptional experience during his journey in Octus platform, we used modern front-end technologies. The platform is using one of the famous Frameworks like Angular with very secure access, fully responsive platform using HTML5 and SASS as a CSS pre-processor and Bootstrap 4 as a CSS Framework.


Octus backend is a RESTful API built on to of Symfony 4 PHP Framework. The API is designed according to the ADR pattern ( For real-time chat & notifications , Octus uses Mercure ( to push data updates to frontend (Angular side). In order to achieve this in a convenient way , SCRUM was used as a Project Management Framework.

It's always a pleasure working with you! managing this kind of complex project is not easy but you made it very fluid and super efficient. Very organised team, high quality code and effective solution. Always recommending your services. Good work Beecoop
Seif Eddine Badri
Seif Eddine Badri / Octus Founder