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Link My Business is a team of experienced business leaders and assistants that offers expert consulting to all types of companies.

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The Link my Business team, with its experience in the areas and activities essential to the good health of an organization, offers to its clients various support services (Administration, Consultation etc...) so that they can focus on their core business.

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Art Direction
Front-end Development

The Link My Business team, with their expertise in managing all types of businesses and companies, wanted a brand new website to become their main channel of connection with their clients in France, knowing that the main users here will be entrepreneurs that would like to swiftly find what they’re looking for without losing time, we’ve directly agreed to base the art direction of the website on intuitivity, minimalism, and accessibility. Simple clean layouts, easy navigation, images compressed to next-gen WebP formats to boost performance and a fully responsive web experience.


As for the Technical aspect, we did not go astray we followed the same principe, simplistic and clean code, using cutting edge technologies, Symfony 5 for the backend and its companion frontend framework Stimilus, we kept it as simple as possible for future upgrades and features.. code is hosted on Github, production workflow is automated and maintained with Github Actions for easy and fast live upgrades