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Zozoï is a french zero waste e-commerce store that encourages people to consume healthy, re-usable and eco-friendly products.

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Zozoï is a french e-commerce store and workshop specialized in zero-waste products, If you're looking for an ecological, practical, beautiful and economical solution for your home, Zozoï offers you hand-crafted accessories that are designed for you.

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Art Direction
Wordpress Integration

From the get-go, the client wanted something new, distinct and beautiful. I spent a good time working on the hero section of the experience, i believe it's one of the most important sections in the whole website, simply because first impressions lasts, and will trigger the viewer to spend more time exploring the website. A combination of faded soft colors infused with the main brand colors creates a balanced contrast. Using white space smartly to let the elements breath and not overwhelm the user with too much elements on the screen. An easy process to buy and customize products to make the experience as inituitive and accessible as possible.


The client insisted we use "Divi",a Wordpress builder that helps you integrate the design in a visual way, but unfortunately it's not customizable nor advanced, and for us to create the layout, elements and composition we wanted, we've had to write many lines of HTML/CSS, to ensure performance and that the website is fully responsive.